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CaseyAnimates's News

Posted by CaseyAnimates - July 27th, 2019

Hey Newgrounds!

It's been a very long time coming, but Rhythm Damacy - Katamari on the Mix is here!

It's been four years since I've published a personal, animated project! I've been hard at work doing client and office work, but it feels good getting something out for the public again!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this somewhat-confusing but fun mashup of Katamari Damacy and Rhythm Heaven! Thank you all!

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Posted by CaseyAnimates - March 2nd, 2018

Hello Newgrounds! How are you doing these days?

If you remember an older video of mine, https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/657404, you may also remember that's it's been more than two years since I've posted anything after that. I've been focusing on projects for clients and businesses since then, videos that aren't really suitable to upload on Newgrounds, YouTube, or anything like that.

That being said, I'm getting back in the game! I've set aside some time to produce a sequel titled Rhythm Damacy: Katamari on the Mix! I'm loving how it's coming out so far, so I'm very excited to see everyone's reaction to it.

I'm upping the quality extensively, so don't expect anything just yet, but I hope to see you again soon!
-Casey Moore (DaBonehead93)


Rhythm Damacy: Katamari on the Mix - Karate Prince

Posted by CaseyAnimates - May 9th, 2015


Long time no see again, Newgrounds! You guys are looking nice and burly. Anyways, I've got a brand new video; I've always wanted to make a Rhythm Heaven parody (even though I understand I'm late to the bandwagon), and since I love Katamari Damacy like nobody's business, this is what happened!  Be sure to check it out here at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/657404?updated=1 or alternatively, you can find on YouTube here below. Thanks for your time, guys! Ya'll can get back to whatever else it is you're wasting your time with. 



Posted by CaseyAnimates - December 8th, 2014

Hey everybody on Newgrounds, long time no see!  I just thought I'd show ya'll the upcoming sequel to my most popular cartoon, Maximillion Bagsworth!  A lot of people back then wanted the series to continue, and, after 4 years, I plan to finally give them something to chew on.  I'll post it right down here, tell me what you think!  And thanks for everybodys support, I wouldn't be animating without you guys!

This will most likely be done next year (animation takes a life time to do), but I promise not to put the project on the back burner.  Thanks guys!

Posted by CaseyAnimates - October 17th, 2013

So I decided to visit Newgrounds a few days ago, when I realized that my recent cartoon, Bonehead: Halloween II, was actually entered into the contest this year!

I posted it a good 4 months ago, so I honestly wasn't expecting it to show up in this year's Halloween contest!
I owe a great deal to Tom Fulp and Newgrounds in general for their kindness, so thanks a bunch guys! Hell, I owe a lot to these guys for shaping my career and what I want to be, so thanks for that, too. Truly appreciate it all.

I guess this post may be a bit of an attention sponge, but I'd like you guys to check out my cartoon and see what you think! Since my post was early, I'm not expecting much exposure, but I'd love it if the fine people of Newgrounds can take the time to support me. I appreciate reviews more than anything, so if you leave one and tell me what's on your mind, I'd be very happy to read and respond! I put some blood and tears into this project, but I'd put some more into the future if it helps me make better material.
Thanks for your time. And I hope to find the time in my schedule to provide more entertainment for you guys. I might even be whipping up something right now...

Thanks a bunch, Newgrounds!

Posted by CaseyAnimates - May 28th, 2013


Bonehead: Halloween II link!

Feel free to give it a watch, and tell me what you think, I'd appreciate that more than anything! Sorry for keeping the suspense for so long, I was just in the biggest rut in my life, that's all.

The newest Bonehead cartoon is out!  1 year and 8 months in the making!

Posted by CaseyAnimates - August 18th, 2012

...I'm not dead!
I mean, I might as well of been for the past year and a half (jeez!), but for the possible four of you who'd often urinate your jorts at night hoping that I was alive, you have found your salvation!
You can thank various allotted bursts of school and work for your general misfortune.

So why did I bother bringing you all the way to this news post?
Well, that's because I'm finishing up the last minute and a half of Bonehead: Halloween II!
And you know what that means?
That I'll actually release something on time for once? That's right!
Which also means you guys can stop hating me and move on to your next target!

Expect it to come out mid-October (this year) for the Halloween contest.
Also expect this to be one heck of an epic when compared to my last Halloween cartoon in terms of length, quality, and humor.

I'd show you a sneak peek, but I'm not.
Heck, I shouldn't even tease you like that.

Other than that, expect that cartoon to be my hopeful resurrection in terms of activity. I'm in a pretty busy period of my adolescent life (life's probably always gonna' be busy, but no prob), but I'm starting to devote a lot more of my free-time to what I love to do; animate these cartoons for you guys!

Until then, if you want to get a bit of your Bonehead93 fix dealt with,
you can watch this video, featuring the real life me and the voice actor of L-Man, featuring many wacky antics.

Until then, I love each and every one of you up to a certain extent!
-Casey Moore (Bonehead93)

Contrary to popular belief...

Posted by CaseyAnimates - May 6th, 2011

Oh, hey, didn't see you there, don't sneak up on me like that. Ya' biscuit.

So, I uploaded something new! This started out as a school project, but after a while it became good enough to post here! It's not the biggest, most amazing flash ever when you compare it to my other stuff, but it's not meant to be! Just take it as a snack and let it tide you over until Bonehead: Dawg's Life comes out.

Click HERE!!

If you want more story on it, just check the description!

Now then, if you don't mind, I'm going to go ahead and wash my car.

NEW CARTOON!! The VietNAM Rap Project!

Posted by CaseyAnimates - April 1st, 2011

Yo, howdy, hay wha-zay, Newgrounds.

Been a while since I've updated, I know. Not long enough to make you wonder If I've been run over or anything but long enough to where you cry yourself to sleep. As funny as that can sounds, I'd rather that not happen. But if it does, send me a pic.

Anyways, I'm sure you've been wondering when Maximillion Bagsworth II is coming out.
Unfortunately, it can't happen right now. It's finished, oh yes, but the season isn't right at all.
Here's what's up; due to the massive ego boost I got from doing Bonehead: Halloween right before a deadline like I did (and how fast, good lord), I decided, "YES. I am a god. Maximillion Bagsworth. Sequel. I am this cool." Unfortunately, I forget how busy I tend to get around this time and, unfortunately, didn't get anywhere close to the Christmas deadline (it is, after all, a Christmas flash, right?).
I talked it over with Seth (the voice behind Maximillion and the one who helped start the whole thing) said he'd rather not have some kinda' thing like this coming out afterwords, so I agreed to wait until that time this year.
I'm really sorry about it, guys! D: Not sure what you'd think, but I was sure it wouldn't be greeted with smiles and happy emoticons. Again, I apologize for bein' weird about it.

NOW THEN, to divert from the gloom goin' on above...
Bonehead: Dawg's Life is in full gear! 'Bout time, too! I had quite the number of projects that came up that made me have to put this off, but finally I can most certainly work the crap outta' this. And, since I feel bad about makin' you guys so anxious this time, I promise that you'll love this one and you'll love when it comes out! It's looking great so far and it's by far the best looking flash I've got ('course, I say that everytime but I mean it!).

Oh, by the way, Bonehead: Midnight Launch had a deleted scene in it, if you didn't know! After about a year or so of not getting around to getting it to a good AVI file (you have NO idea how freakin' messed up the original video is in terms of corruption, haha!), I've finally posted it!

Well, that's about it for right now.
I apologize again for the Maximillion thing, and I hope you guys are...SEMI okay with I guess, I can't ask for much. But anyways, I'll get my act together I promise.

And no, just 'cause it's April Fools...this is not a joke. :D
Don't be a punk.

News about Maximillion Bagsworth II and new Bonehead Cartoon!

Posted by CaseyAnimates - December 3rd, 2010

I did say I'd make this a series, didn't I? This is me keeping that promise!

This is the second season animation I'll have been making, and, not just that, it's the second one this year. This freakin' year, SON. Anyways, after I make this, don't expect me to keep goin' with the season, because...well, if I keep this rate up, I'll have no friends and no more passion, as I'll have been BURNED UP.

Anyways, it's the Bagsworth Christmas Party! In this episode, we see the ever rich and ever present Maxitrillion Bagsworth, and the malignantly poor Maxizilch Ragsworth, Maximillion's long-lost brother! Amazing? No? Tough.

Anyways, expect better animation, more jokes, more Sebastian and MAXIMILLION ACTUALLY GETTING OUT OF HIS CHAIR. Good Lord.
And, if all goes to plan, expect it before Christmas, and not RIGHT ON the deadline like I did with Bonehead: Halloween.
Until then, POH!

P.S. Ah, almost forgot to mention. Hey, are you a fan of my Bonehead Series? Of course you freakin' are, silly goose! Wanna' join the official Facebook fan page for him? Well, clicking this text will not get you there whatsoever. Least I think so, I'd give it a shot though.

New Project in the Works?  Maximillion Bagsworth II !!